Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy at Hampton - Guaranteed

I was sure I'd talked about how much I like Hampton Inns but can't find a past posting so here goes. I really like Hampton Inns - never fancy, unfortunately sometimes only in suburbs not DT (but new ones just opened in Times Square and DT Denver), they are a great value for the money, always have free internet, have a surprisingly good breakfast, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee (and in fact the one time I wasn't satisfied, I got a full refund). For your next vaca, considering booking a room at a Hampton Inn.

Another reason to like them - they have this "Hidden Landmark" website - you pick a state, it shows you lots of cool, offbeat sights. 3 of the Mass sites I'd never heard of and I'm the guidebook queen so that's saying something. I'm going to bookmark it and check it out prior to going on my upcoming trips (read MKE, DC, Sea, StL) to see if there's anything worth seeing.


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