Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pictures from the West Side (best side?)

I'm going to take Bejota's advice and attempt to not post all my fav pix on my blog. I'll instead send you to my San Francisco pix in my Flickr account. I already blogged about lunch w/ the AKPsi kids at Gap on the alum blog.

I got in a good night out w/ the boys in the Castro, skiing at Sierra, fancy dinner at Harrah's, and then Monday taking loads of pix in the city and at the MoMA.

Missy, Matt, Marc, Josh, Laura at The Bar on Castro

Tim and Laura taking a break in our snow chairs

Steak with the FIVE of us - Missy, Tim, Ryan, Chinar, Laura
(Tim and Ryan look especially comfy I might note)

Maiden Lane - downtown SF

The fancy SFMoMA building - muy bueno


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