Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend update

I'm having a fabulous long weekend in SF/Tahoe. I'll have to post pix when I get home but I'll give a "quick" recap:
  • Have gotten to see Missy/Tim (obviously), Robyn, Ryan/Chinar (sp?), Natalie/Michael, Marc/Matt, Josh, Milo.
  • Had a 1 1/2 hour "layover" in Pollock Pines, CA when they closed Hwy 50 at midnight in order to plow the road. Everyone else was super annoyed - I was excited at the adventure :) We left the city at 8, got to our room at 3:30. Awesome.
  • Was called a beginner/intermediate skier by Missy - I had self-proclaimed a beginner status so this was muy exciting. I barely held up Missy/Tim while we skiied Sierra-at-Tahoe.
  • Lost $ at Harrah's. Let's leave it at that.
  • Got to lunch at Gap corporate again - I'll have to give my FULL review of corporate headquarter dining later.
  • Am hoping to do some touristy things today but the damn rain won't stop - it's 26 days of rain in a row in SF - I've only been here 5 and I'm even super annoyed.

Pix to follow - promise.


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