Friday, May 19, 2006

Beer me

The owner of the Father's Office in Santa Monica gives advice in the Thrillist on what beer to add to everyday foods. I like the advice on Mexican food and Popeye's the bestest.

Chinese Takeout
"Try a Belgian White Ale like Hoegaarden. The coriander and orange peel flavors should marry neatly with your #8 combo."

Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets
"It's time for tall glass of Anchor Porter. The nutty, smoky flavors should really compliment the porky, cheesy aromas of a freshly nuked hot pocket."

Popeye's Fried Chicken
"If you go for the spicy, and you should, I'd reach for a Belgian Golden Ale like Duvel. The beer has a nice spiciness of its own and will do a nice job cutting the grease."

Subway Club
"Ham, turkey, roast beef and all the fixin's. Try a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. It's an American version of a German Maibock. It's lightly hoppy and toasty. Jared would approve."

Tacos, Chimichangas, Burritos, et al
"Don't even think Corona. Spicy Mexican flavors need a Belgian Triple. Try a Canadian version. Unibroue La Fin Du Monde. The killer buzz from the 9% alcohol should blur the memory the next morning."


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