Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Dunzo

Grey's Anatomy will no longer be shown. On Sunday nights. Instead, it'll be at 9pm on Th nights, starting this fall. Not sure how I feel about this but w/ Tivo, it's all good.

In other ABC news, these stars and shows are coming out in the fall:

Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths star in "Brothers & Sisters,'' a drama about a maladjusted family. Ted Danson is a self-help guru going through a midlife crisis in the comedy "Help Me Help You,'' Anne Heche is a relationship counselor who moves to Alaska in the drama "Men in Trees'' and Taye Diggs is in "Day Break,'' a thriller that uses elements of the movie "Groundhog Day.''

All sound average-ish - I'd like the Taye Diggs show to be good but it sounds the worst.


At May 18, 2006 9:59 AM, Anonymous Kerry Keyes said...

And yet you didn't ask to be my friend. WTF? You just enjoy my jokes without joining my online network of friends and acquantances? Nice Laura. Reeeeealy nice.


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