Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I love you Vine Park.

I like Vine Park - we made beer there this winter and their root beer was real yummy. How about this policy regarding their root beer? So smart!

River City Root Beer is available exclusively at Vine Park Brewing Co. Our root beer is hand crafted in small batches using locally produced honey and other secret ingredients. River City Root Beer can be purchased in individual 12 oz bottles ($0.85), six packs ($5.00), and by the case ($20.00).

Kegs of River City will make a great addition to your next graduation party, family re-union, or any other group event. River City Root Beer kegs cost $65.00 with a tap and ice bucket rental of $10.00. Not sure if you need that much root beer? Vine Park will allow you to return any unused root beer to be re-carbonated and chilled; you then return to bottle it in 22oz bottles to take home. Nothing is wasted.

They also are hosting a Brews Cruise on Sat Aug 19 - I'm in SD that weekend so I can't go but I wish I could... My only booze cruise experience was muy caliente and I'd like another.


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