Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What is up...

I realized I haven't posted "Laura updates" lately - so I thought I'd give you the top line summary:
  • Last night, Heidi and I went to see Sandra Day O'Connor speak at Northrup as part of the Univ of Minn Alumni Assn event. It was super fun to see her (she is older than expected) and she is real funny - we also got to cheer for the outdoor Gopher stdium at least 3 times!
  • I'm looking at buying a condo. Sort of a spur of the moment decision - I'll keep you updated.
  • Sunday Alicia and I did the AIDS Walk - thankfully it was chilly-ish and overcast or we would've been SWEATY. It was a super nice walk. Thank you to all that donated, specifically: Aunt Jeanne, Amy, Mom, Bejota, Heidi, Kerry, Erica, Zippy, Julie. THANKS!!
  • Saturday I had THREE BBQs to attend, Jodie from work, Beth, and Ghetto Dave. We had a super fun time at all of them, especially Jodie's I think...
  • Christina was in town for 4-5 days 2 weeks ago - it was fun to bring visit Pepito's, Rudolph's, and a Twins game w/ her.
  • I've been babysitting more lately - it's been kinda fun to get extra $ plus one of the babies is 4 months old which is fun.
  • I'm headed to DC at 6am tomorrow (ick) for a Th-Sun vacation. Can't wait to meet my new best friend Roxie there, and visit Charlottesville (I've never been). Hopefully Russell won't pull a Houdini and we'll get to see him, too.

I'll probably update y'all from DC if I get online there - I gotta upload stuff to Flickr one of these days...


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