Sunday, June 18, 2006

Globalization at it's best (worst?)

Q: What is the official beer and food of the World Cup?
A: Budweiser and McDonald's.

A little silly considering the food and beer native to Deutschland didn't make the cut. And ironic considering Americans are half assed soccer fans at best. The Germans are calling the Budweiser they're drinking in the stadiums Spuelwasser (dishwater). I watched part of the game on Saturday around the wedding, but didn't notice the food and beverage being enjoyed in the stands...

UPDATE: A few reasons why Budweiser entered the World Cup arena and why it's a good decision:

Despite the criticism, Budweiser has made a smart strategic decision for three reasons: First, nothing else in sports and entertainment equals the World Cup for global interest, opinion and passion. Second, there is clearly a strong consumer association between soccer and beer. Third, Budweiser is still largely a U.S. brand (only 17% of Budweiser sales are outside the U.S.), but it has global aspirations. Sponsoring the preeminent global sporting event is an efficient way to gain global recognition.


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