Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things I've learned today

I have a bad habit of getting to the airport way too EARLY for early morning flights. For both my 6am flight to DC for vaca and today's 5:15am flight to Richmond, VA I got to the airport with over 30 minutes to spare. At 4am, it is NOT fun to have an extra 1/2 hour to sit around at the airport. I have a 7am flight from St. Louis to Mpls next week and a 7am flight to Vegas the end of the month - I'm going to work on not getting there too early.

I don't like watching TV without DVR. I'm bored in my hotel room so I figured I'd watch Kathy Griffin's On the D List tonight but the commercials, not being able to rewind, etc. is super super annoying.

Rural Virginia is a little creepy. Not awful awful, but not good. I have a bad habit of wanting to use my stupid Southern accent in front of people that talk in that accent to me and REALLY have to resist the urge to do so b/c that would make ME look super stupid.


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