Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend update

I've been having a super fun time in Seattle - I'm staying with my Aunt Jeanne (from my trip last summer) and her family and they've been touring me around. I know you care about the details so here they are:

Thursday - Twins vs. Mariners - and the Twins WON! Yipee! Safeco field was super - I really liked the views of DT from the 3rd level. They were advertising upcoming promotions and one was Singles Night - you get a game ticket and a pre-game reception and they seat you in one section alternating boys in one row, girls in the next to encourage mingling. 4 Singles Nights sprinkled throughout the season. Love it.

Friday - Hit up the Nordstrom's half-year sale. Friday's shoe of the day is the evidence.

Saturday - Big tourist day to DT Seattle. We visited Pike's Place Market, toured the AWESOME library (it was the architectural tour given by a real architect so it was good stuff), had lunch at a cute crepe place in the market but away from the weekend craziness (thank Joe for finding it). After lunch, we bought salmon for dinner, visited the Frye Museum, walked by St. James Cathedral, and did driving tours of Broadway Street and the mansions up on the hill before visiting the conservatory at Volunteer Park, and heading home for yummy salmon dinner.

Sunday - Hit the road to visit the Chauteau Ste Michelle vineyard. They actually give a tour in addition to the actual tastings and it was great - maybe Napa vineyards give tours but I've never been on one as good as this one. I learned loads about stemware for wine, great tips on tasting wine, how aeration affects wine, and the geography of WA State wine production. Across the street was the original Red Hook brewery and we had lunch and a beer tour there. It was all that I expected - tour intermingled with beer tastings. Yummm.

Today I'm headed to a city about an hour E of Seattle for work - apparently our conference center hotel is "remote", has no TVs or phones in the rooms, and has fully stocked open bars throughout the center so that we can build teams through social events. I'll let you know how it is...


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