Monday, July 03, 2006

1950 Populations

Matt Flores had told me that at one point, St. Louis was one of the largest cities in the US. I couldn't remember the year, but figured it was in the 1860-1910 range b/c that's when people were headed west. PS Is that when people headed west??? I can't really be sure if that estimate is right or way off.

Anyway, I looked up Census data and St. Louis peaked in 1910, when it was 4th largest after NYC, Chicago, and Philly.

I thought 1950 data was especially interesting, think about this:

#1 NYC
#2 Chicago
#3 Philly
#4 LA
#5 Detroit
#6 Baltimore
#7 Cleveland
#8 St. Louis
#9 DC
#10 Boston

Granted, this is based on population in city limits, not in the metro area - which I think is usually more meaningful.


At July 18, 2006 11:07 AM, Blogger Vesh said...

Yeah, the white people in st. louis got scared that to many brown skinned people were moving in so they headed to chesterfield. although, they didn't bother telling the polish or the germans or the asians to come with them... oh, you mean it was just the rich waspy types?


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