Monday, July 03, 2006

Nice work NWA

I chucked when I found out this story involved an NWA flight - they always seem to be at the wrong end of public relations issues. This is what happened on a LAX-Hawaii flight in December:

Tizol (a Guatamalan man who doesn't speak English) paced the aisles of the Dec. 9 Northwest Airlines flight bound for Honolulu from Los Angeles and didn't return to his seat when flight attendants yelled at him in English. At one point, passengers heard Tizol use a Spanish word they thought sounded like "baby" and believed he was going to strangle a 3-year-old on the plane. When he headed toward the first-class bathroom near the cockpit, at least four passengers tackled him. Tizol had accidentally spilled water, drenching his clothes and seat, and was walking around because he was wet, the attorney said.

I'd say this incident was more passanger paranoia than NWA error (assuming "baby" is a cognate between English and Spanish, and then assuming he was going to strangle a toddler - good lord people).

However, you'd think at least 1 person on a jet could speak half-ass Spanish enough to figure out the senor poured agua on his pantaloines...


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