Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reporting live from London

I'm glad to report that all is well in the land of Harry Potter. The biggest issue in my first 36 hours in the city is...


Heathrow was sweaty, the Tube was sweaty, the club was sweaty. Apparently the city freaked a bit this summer when it was super hot heat wave, and it's continuing into fall. London hot and sweaty is just about as much NOT FUN as NYC in the summer. Yech.

Tim, Missy and I have hung out, I'm almost done w/ jet lag, and I've already visited North Star and had a Strongbow. So far so good -- Missy heads to class from 9-5 Mon-Th and Tim leaves on a 10am flight tomorrow so for the rest of the week, I'm chillin' like a villian by myself in the city.


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