Thursday, October 26, 2006

Better late than never

I gave you a heads up I might be buying a condo, but dropped the ball in updating you on the issue. So here are the dets:
  1. I AM buying a condo. Which officially makes me a grown-up.
  2. It's a condo conversion (so it's a 1960s building that was icky apartments for the last 40 years but now is getting gutted and renovated).
  3. It's in Uptown at Lake and Bryant.
  4. I close on Nov 14 Nov 27. Unless it changes (again).
  5. I am busy busy busy furniture and paint shopping.
  6. I will have a housewarming party in Dec or Jan. You're probably invited.
  7. Per my last posting, if you need a place to stay in Mpls, holla. You can totally stay with me. I'll hopefully have good references after Alicia's siblings stay there over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, with my close date bumped back, they'll be staying at my old place instead.

Since I copycat Alicia, I will provide "New House Shit x-Day" postings as things progress.


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