Friday, October 20, 2006

Reactive blogging?

Since Sabatkes asked, I'll share with you my opinions about PR's finale. I had read a magazine a few weeks ago highlighting the collections and giving their opinion. Jane magazine perhaps?

Anyway, it said Michael's collection was disappointing; Jeffrey's was most impressive because of the range of outfits included and high level of detail. So when I watched part 1 of the finale, seeing that Michael wasn't moving real fast, and Jeffrey had lots of fancy stuff, I wasn't super surprised.

My personal favorite I think was Uli. Though I did like Laura's, I agree her range just didn't do it. I thought Uli did a great job of keeping with what she knew and liked but a few of her outfits surprised me. I'd like to like Jeffrey's but I'm just not down w/ his punk rocker stuff and don't thin it's cute or what I'd like to wear.

Throughout the show, the scenario was set as this: Michael is posed as "not developed enough" Laura as "limited range" Uli has "only print dresses" Jeffrey has "good collection, but did he cheat?". I wasn't sure if they were going to flip the tide and have an underdog win -- when I go and watch back episodes of reality shows I notice so much setting you up to be surprised by the editing.

However, I was fine w/ Jeffrey winning. Don't love his collection, but I was ok with it. I think it would've been fun if Uli did, I liked that she was second, but I was ok w/ it.

If you want me to blog about anything else, comment w/ your requests. Sometime I'll return to my excessive longwinded blog posts you're all used to.


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