Sunday, October 22, 2006

Strange Craigslist Posting of the Day #4

Family Camping "Next Summer"

Date: 2006-10-10, 11:45AM CDT

I have decided to start a camping club, it is not easy to find new friends with kids that have simmiler interests, most of the people i know live in a plastic bubble and would die if there kids got dirty.

I feel that there are alot of people out there that would like to go camping with a group but dont want to get stuck in a campground with a bunch of people that have nothing in common with them so here is what i am looking for:

People who want to have fun

drinking in moderation is ok

not going to church on sunday morning is ok

no drugs

no Perverts

I would like to find as many people that would like to sit by a fire at night tell storys and laugh as i can and if to many people show up we will have to build a biger fire.

so far there are 5 familes + mine that are singed up, i will send you a form to fill out with your preferances. there is no reqierment as to when to come camping or how offten, i will be sending out a flyer with dates and locations of camping trips.

I have one spot pick out so far for mid summer, here is the web address. I am also looking for other suggestions.

My name is Cory(34) and i am a Support Manager for a software company My wife is Linda(38) and she is a Office Admin. for a construction company we have 3 kids (12,12,2)


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