Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Minneapolis vs. St. Paul

My friend Nate told me he found his new favorite bar in the Twin Cities - the Muddy Pig on Dale in St. Paul. Knowing Nate is from St. Paul and currently lives in St. Paul, I still questioned how it could be that great since it's in St. Paul.

If you know me, you know I love lists, thus, his response is super fun:

Haven't you learned that most of the best things in the Twin Cities reside in Saint Paul?
  1. Best pizza
  2. best sushi
  3. best bar
  4. best Mexican (restaurant)
  5. best stadium/concert venue
  6. best Irish bar
  7. best German restaurant (best German bar is still Gasthof, however)
  8. best Italian deli
  9. best steak/lobster dish
  10. best Russian restaurant
  11. best airport
  12. best ice cream

I'll give Minneapolis

  1. best club
  2. best downtown
  3. best pool hall
  4. best lake
  5. best German bar
  6. best strip club
  7. best $ex store
  8. best bridge
  9. best coffee shop

Okay, so maybe it is closer than I thought, but still: advantage Saint Paul.

I'd like him to fill in a few details (I could guess but why not go straight to the source) and get your take. Minneapolis vs. St. Paul - what do you think? And don't just say "Minneapolis" but give your lists of why and what. It'll be fun people...

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At December 12, 2006 3:18 PM, Anonymous Nate RenterĂ­a said...

pizza: Savoy Inn (not even a close second, and anyone that says Punch, will get punched; plus the first Punch was in Saint Paul anyways)
sushi: Sakora
bar: Muddy Pig (highly subjective category)
Mexican: Me of course, as far as food it is Boca Chica
stadium/concert venue: Xcel (shouldn't be any argument here)
Irish bar: Dubliner
German restaurant: Glockenspiel
Italian deli: Cossetta's (yes this is an unfair category)
Steak and lobster: Mancini's
Russian: Moscow on the Hill
Airport: Lindberg vs HHH...please.
Best Ice Cream: Grand Ole Creamery

club: take your pick of any in Mpls
downtown: no contest
pool hall: City Billiards
Lake: Calhoun or any of them beat Phalen and Como
German bar: Gasthof
Strip club: take your pick, there aren't any in Saint Paul, unless you could the King of Diamonds in which case we could have an argument
Sex store: Duh
Bridge: Wabasha and Robert have nothing on Hennepin
Coffee shop: could be some argument here; now that Pandora's Cup is gone, I could argue Cosmic Charlie's or Cupernicus in Saint Paul. In fact, yes, I am now moving best coffee shop to the east side of the river.


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