Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To watch: Beauty and the Geek

My favorite couple: Mario and Nadia

If you haven't seen Beauty and the Geek, you have to start watching it. I probably watched 80% of last year's season, and right now and watching episode #2 of this season.

I don't know what's more fun - seeing the ditzy girls nd wondering how dumb they could possible be, or trying to understand how very, very, nerdy the boys can be. The best part is that everyone has a label -- girls like

"Former Hooters Girl"
"Sorority Girl", and
"Playboy Model".

Guys have nicknames like
"Perfect SAT Score"
"Owns 25,000 Comics", and
"Has Only Kissed One Girl".

Tune in - Wed at 7pm on the CW.



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