Monday, February 12, 2007

Weddingpalooza 2007

I should really call it mini-wedding palooza because Natalie #1 takes the cake w/ her I think 13 weddings in 2006 (plus she was IN several of them). But, since that total includes invites from her and her boyfriends' friends, I figure I'm pacing with her because my slate is all mine, none from my BF. Because I don't have a BF.

ANYWAY, mark your calendar (Alicia) and plan for the following fun weddings:

May 5 - Julie and Brandon (aka JBY)
May 19 - Heidi and Joe
June 23 - Damon and Katie
July 28 - Beth and Gregg
September 29 - Rich and Nicole (aka Nicole Ritchie)

If you can come up w/ celebrity nicknames for the other couples, please share.

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