Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Literally, this why I live in Uptown

Tonight I got home from work after booking a "surprise" trip to MKE (aka I booked it at 4pm today and leave at 5pm tomorrow) to do laundry and then headed to my 2nd architectural tour sponsored by the Minneapolis Public Library. I came home at 8:30 from this v. fun endeavor (did you know there's part of the old streetcar line that still runs along Lake Harriet?!?!?) planning to pack and hit the sack.

But, Christina had changed her flight to Europe from 6am to 7pm so she didn't need to go to bed early. Plus, it was SO nice outside I decided that we should definitely have have "a" drink outside. So 3 hours later and 3 drinks at Bar Abeline later, I'm sitting in my house delighted by the fact that I had no plans to go out (nor should I have gone out - definitely packing in the AM now) that I managed to get drunk in Uptown on a Tu night, accidentally.

Literally, as of 7pm ZERO plans to have a drink tonight but 4 hours later, I'm tipsily blogging and happy that I live somewhere that facilitates this type of behavior. Yeah, responsibility free (mostly) city living!!!

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