Thursday, October 20, 2005

I like Wal-Mart??????????????

This article from the Trib about restocking fees made me immediately remember another reason why Best Buy sucks (other example includes my new computer was bought at Best Buy even though I hate them) but then I learned in the article it's quite common among retailers. Except Wal-Mart? I like Wal-Mart's policy better than Targets? Scary.

Another note on restocking fees - the reason they're implemented can be boiled down to this -- to stop Joe Schmo from buying a 100" TV the day before the Super Bowl and returning it the day after the Super Bowl for a full refund.

My suggestion would be that if retailers could just develop a system to not allow used merchandise to be returned unless it was defective, this would elminate the need for restocking fees. There must be wrong thinking in this statement, or they would've already implemented this policy, right?


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