Monday, June 12, 2006

Take tres

In October, I posted a list of takeaways/recaps Alicia and I complied after our MBA roadtrip. Then in December I updated the list in honor of our New Years trip.

We aren't planning another Madison-Chicago trip in the upcoming future, but since we are roadtripping to MKE for Summerfest the weekend of July 8-9 it put me in the mood for an update...

Zoo Imax

Minneapolis Institute of Art - MUST do now that the Graves wing opened this weekend
Summit Brewery Tour
Frank Lloyd Wright home (Purcell Cutts) - but we did find out tours are second Saturday!
Cribbage Tournament at the Otter
Loft Living Tour
Frank Lloyd Wright fan club - not as dorky/crazy as it sounds? haven't found one yet
Hard core book club - I started going in May and I really like it!
Hang out w/ Minta - I have her email but so far, hasn't happened. Maybe a Muckenhirn pool party will spark this one???
Architecture tour at the Walker (NEW)

Ethopian food - perhaps Addis Ababa by the West Bank?
Chatterbox - I've done both Mpls and Highland Park - how do you like them apples?
Rossi's -
Dino's -
St. Paul Mexican restaurant -
Asian restaurant by Beth's house
Martini Blu happy hour
Zumbro Cafe (NEW)

The Zumbro Cafe and Walker architecture tour are the only new things I added to the list - am I missing anything? I'd also like to go hit golf balls sometime but I doubt that's something Alicia would validate for list addition.


At June 14, 2006 12:55 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

PS - I lied to you. The Purcell Cutts house isn't FLW. It's just prairie style. No FLW houses in the cities are open to the public (yet).


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