Saturday, December 30, 2006

F St. Louis

First, I got in a fight with Kenneth for the fact that St. Louis had a Kenneth Cole store but MN can't seem to reel one in.

Now, an f-ing Container Store is slated to open in St. Louis in March!!! Seriously. What does St. Louis have that Minneapolis doesn't?!?!?

They are actually CLOSER to Chicago than us (where there are both KC and CS stores). I can't believe incomes are higher there than here. The only thing St. Louis has going for it is that St. Louis people never leave so if you want to sell them something, you have to bring it to them. Literally, that's the only reason I can come up with.

H-E-L-P this make sense to me?!?!?

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At January 08, 2007 1:33 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

So frustrating...and I feel it's the MOA's fault when they can't pull in all the stores I want them to have


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