Saturday, February 10, 2007

These makes me giggle

From Overheard in Minneapolis:

Three More Self-Help Books, And He'll Attain His Goal.

Dude: So, I'm a douchebag?

My friend: You're not a douchebag. You lack the confidence to be a douchebag.


Listening Is Far Too Complicated.

Office worker #1: I made really good chicken tacos last night.

Office worker #2: Oh, did you make them with ground turkey?

Office worker #1: No... I made them with chicken.

Downtown Minneapolis Office

Don't Listen To Them. I Say It, And I'm Cool.

Girl #1: O.M.G.

Girl #2: OhMyGod Shelly you can't say O.M.G. in a, like, real convo. It's, like, not cool.

Girl #1: Oh shit, I can't be sayin L.O.L. then can I?

#6 bus



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