Tuesday, December 19, 2006

E-newsletter or blog...

I love reading the little stories from the Brandweek blog (they also have an e-newsletter if you're not down w/ blogs - but clearly you are or you wouldn't be reading this...) I thought this was a super fun little blip about this cheeky (pardon the pun) Brits:

Over in the U.K., the folks at Virgin Mobile have noticed a trend that they’re more than happy to promote. According to British industry newsletter Brand Republic, women have taken to handing their camera-phones to clerks in lingerie shops, asking them to snap a photo of the women themselves wearing the knickers they’d like to receive for Christmas. The women then (If you can believe Virgin Mobile; but why would they lie?) send the photo, along with their measurements, to that “special someone,” accompanied by a not-so-subtle hint that the garment would make a lovely gift. Virgin Mobile has dubbed the trend “Knick Pics.” Can’t wait for that one to hit these shores…

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